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Did you know A.N.D. Staffing has a long history of quality payroll services?

We took a minute to speak with our manager of office administration, Kristin Partin, for a little Q and A to clarify the PAYROLL services at A.N.D. Staffing, as well as to have her point out – why, you want to consider outsourcing your payroll to A.N.D. Staffing.

Q:  Who are the ideal candidates for this service?  

A:  This benefit is geared toward Managers, as well as Human Resource Managers.


Q:  How would you define payroll as A.N.D. Staffing offers it as a service?

A:  To us, “payrolling” means that we are taking over the burden and responsibility of handling payroll calculations to allow a business owner, entrepreneur or manager the freedom and peace of mind to be able to focus their energy on managing and/ or growing their business.

Our payroll services include:

  • Federal and State Employment posters
  • Payroll processing and delivery
  • Payroll tax processing
  • Timekeeping
  • Unemployment claims administration
  • Workers’ compensation tracking


Q:  What benefits are gained from outsourcing payroll?

A:  The ability to save time is a commodity we all can embrace.  Accurate and thorough deliverables.  Understanding and adherence to Federal and local guidelines.  In addition,  companies that payroll typically do not recruit and place workers, this is done by the client or by an independent recruiting or staffing company – which, has the added advantage of letting you hire exactly who you like, but still outsourcing the administrative functions of hiring and employment.  (see more benefits below)


Q:  Can you give some examples of when it makes sense to use a payroll service provider? 

A:  For certain, I have several…

1.  NEW BRANCH:  You’re opening a new branch in Illinois, where you may not be licensed to do business in. Using an employer of record, you can hire and payroll the individuals working in this new area indefinitely, or just for a few months until you establish yourself in that state.

Benefit:  You do not have to wait for all the accounts and permits required to do business in that state.

2.  SHORT TERM PROJECT:  You have a six month project where you need to hire several employees to complete it, who will roll off as soon as the project is over.

Benefit:  Your company does not suffer an increase in SUTA costs due to laying off the individuals at the end of the project.

3.  CONTINGENT HIRES:  You’re a recruiter or a staffing company and you do not want to process and fund payroll for contingent hires.

Benefit:  Eliminate the headaches of processing and funding payroll.

4.  ENTREPRENEUR:  You’re an entrepreneur who needs to hire additional staff, but you don’t have the time or expertise to deal with hiring and payroll.

Benefit:  Ready- made payroll and benefits services so you can focus on growing your business.


Q:  Who should someone contact at A.N.D. Staffing for payroll services?  

A:  Contact, myself, Kristin Partin or Vince Daniello to further discuss how A.N.D. Staffing’s payroll services can benefit you.