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I cannot speak highly enough of A.N.D. Staffing. They placed me very quickly in a role that I was well qualified for and offered competitive compensation. The company I was placed with directly hired me on after 3 months. Both Anna and Kristin are the people you need to on your side during your job search. These ladies work from their hearts while using their heads. Any concerns or issues I had with my placement ( very few) were address in a timely manner and confidentially. Furthermore once I was permanently placed we continued to use A.N.D. to supplement hires. They clearly understand the companies needs and brought us great people. They were able to place roles usually with in 7 days. I worked with A.N.D. both as a employee and client. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to have made these connections. You never know were a temp role may lead, in my case it lead me into a wonderful stable career.

Samantha F.

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